Charnock Hall Primary School consultation

Thank you to all at the school for allowing us to engage with the children, to find out directly from those who are likely to be using the new facilities what they actually want.

Also some of the infants have been involved. Two of our committee members, attended school with a large cardboard beehive 
(OUR Friends of LOGO), and asked the children about their current likes and dislikes about the park, and then they were each given a paper bee, to draw on its tummy, their favourite piece of equipment that they would like to see new in the park. 

Well done and thank you to all who participated in these consultations, we again had some fantastic feedback from the children and some very firm ideas of want they would like to see in their park. The top requests being a new set of swings, roundabout, climbing frame, dizzy sticks. Interestingly nearly all the kids said they would like something that went fast and that made them feel dizzy??