Mobile Phone Appeal

The "Friends" recently launched an appeal for old mobile phones, so that working in conjunction with a company called Fones4Schools, we could recycle them and use the money raised for the park.

We ran the appeal through our local school, (CHARNOCK HALL PRIMARY SCHOOL) and SUNFLOWER CHILDREN’S CENTRE, and through GLEADLESS LIBRARY, who all agreed to collect the phones on our behalf. Thank you to all who helped with this appeal, especially to the school, children, parents, Sunflower Centre, Library and the community.

We also had a generous donation of phones from South Yorkshire Police, Moss way Police Station, who donated mobiles from the station that had not been claimed back within the designated time. THANKYOU.

Thank you so much for the phones that you donated, we reached our target of 200 phones, but are well on the way to our next 200. 

we achieved the other 200 target and all together collected 400 phones raising £600 FOR THE PARK,AS WELL AS DOING OUR BIT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT !) - we donated £75 of this money back to the school for the part that they played in helping us to collect the phones in .