Joint fundraiser - Charnock Hall Primary School and Us

We all decided that it would be nice to have an interactive fun night, incorporating a disco and games for the kids, as January can be such a dull month, after the festivities of Christmas. It was a great opportunity for the group and school to work in partnership again, to bring about some positive changes to the school and the local environment

The kids paid £1.50 on the door, danced and bopped and much, much more, we have had excellent feedback and both the school and the group raised £211.49 for relevant funds.

Thank you to Mrs Anderson for allowing us to join them in a double fundraiser, we really appreciate the support that you, your staff and kids/parents give to the group. We would love to continue to work with you in the future at other similar events.

Thank you to Billy Bodkin for supplying the disco and entertainment at reduced cost as it was a fundraiser evening- this is greatly appreciated by all.