YIPPEE -The swings are in !

The Friends are pleased to announce that we have now got our initial set of swings installed, and popular they are !

We currently have two toddler swings and two junior swings on this set, but as the money comes in, we will be installing another set of swings which will house four junior swings. The two junior swings on the existing bay will be moved across and we will then purchase another two toddler/baby swings to replace them. 

Ultimately we will have two sets of swings , a bay of four junior swings and a bay of four toddler/baby swings.


The old swings will soon be removed- they are a health and safety risk due to the concrete underneath them, once these have been taken down, there will be a roundabout installed.
This roundabout houses bays for wheelchairs, which can also be used for children in pushchairs. There is plenty of standing room available too.

Sounds great doesn't it ? Can't happen soon enough ? - Any donations are very welcome, and very much needed to bring these plans to life ! - Thanks.