"Woolworths" Kids First help us out

Having contacted - Ian Whitby, Manager at Canklow out of town store and giving him all the details of our group, its aims and objectives, etc, they very kindly agreed to take us on board as a local cause that they would like to support.

In store a few fundraising events were held and collection boxes were used to raise the funds, these were then split between ourselves and some other groups in Rotherham that needed help following on from the terrible flood damage that they had endure.


We are very pleased to announce that Woolworths were able to send us a cheque for £184.10, and to also provide a cash donation of £62.25 from collection boxes.Grand total =£246.35. THANKYOU - to each and evryone of you who helped with this.

We are so sorry to say that since this kind gesture the store had closed and the staff involved in this fundraising for the group are now without work, we wish you all the very best of luck in finding alternative employment in the near future.