Funding for Car park- August 2010

Back stage we are also applying for funding for the car park that serves the park to be resurfaced and marked out in to proper parking bays- with designated disabled parking bays too.As a group we are trying very hard to make the facilities at the park as accessible as possible to all our users.

You may be aware that we have added specilaised play equipment at the park that can be used by children with disabilities, to enable them to play alongside there more able friends as much as possible. This includes a roundabout with wheelchair bays and a seat, a basket swing that can be used whilst laid down if need be, and a springie that has sides on it, and also a see-saw that has double seats to enable someone to sit besides a child that may need support.

This all in place is great , but the problem is the car park. It is in a really bad state of repair- all the surface is broken up; gritty, potholed, uneven etc, and it is very hard for anyone to get across with either a wheelchair, motorised scooter, or pushchair. It is essential; that we try to get funding for this problem so that access to the park for all is good.

We will try our best to get funders interested in this, and will keep you updated as usual on this website. This is not a cheap project and current quotes are between £25,000 t0 £30,000.

This improvement being made is purely dependant on the necessary funds being raised.

As usual all donations no matter how small are always appreciated - pennies make pounds and pounds mean that improvements to your park can be made. Thanks !!