Withinreach helping to making Charnock Park more inclusive.

Friends of Charnock recently had a meeting with Withinreach for advice regarding making Charnock Park more inclusive. The aim being to make the park more accessible and enjoyable for people with disabilities. We have come some way towards this and already have a wheelchair friendly roundabout - one of very few in the city ;a basket swing ;a double seated see-saw and a springie with support.

The Friends wish to do more- dependant on available funding, including improving the car park for better access , development of a sensory garden and a fitness trial around the edge of the park. Within reach gave us some really good advice regarding these aims.

Within reach provide activities and resources to enable local people of all ages and disabilities to access and take part in local sport and recreation opportunities. Within reach can be contacted on Tel - 0114 2 735213. 
Feel free to call them for more information or visit the website at http://www.withinreach.org.uk/