Grand Christmas Prize draw

Yet again we had some fabulous prizes for our Christmas Grand Prize draw, thanks to all our supporters who donated prizes this year- without your support we would not be able to do it . Under our supporters section of this website there will be a list of everyone who helped us out this year. The draw was held on Wednesday 8th December, and was drawn by the children from Mr. Stubb's class at Charnock Hall Primary School- thanks to all involved for making this possible - the children enjoyed participating in the event.

We feel that it is very important to keep them involved in events like this as the park improvements will directly benefit them and we and the headteacher - Mrs Anderson firmly believe that the more the children are involved in working with us trying to achieve the changes , the more likely that it will be that they will feel some kind of ownership of the park and therefore be more likely to respect it as they get older.

The draw this year raised £550 to the funds and as our raffle tickets were paid for by the South Yorkshire Community Foundation - GRASSROOTS fund this was a clear profit to the group. We sold £600 worth of books but the group put up a prize of £50 cash as one of the prizes.

Thankyou to everyone who supported our cause by purchasing a raffle ticket and to all those that kindly sold some for us - every little helps !!