How Can Smaller Local Businesses Help?

We depend on donations and grant funds to bring about the changes that have happened at the park, and to further improve the facilities to try to complete the masterplan that was put together after public consultation re what the community wanted from their park.


Local businesses have been very supportive over the years since we began, and to thank those that have helped the group we decided to put a FREE banner business recognition on our website for a WHOLE YEAR, if anyone donated over £100 to the park fund.This is an excellent way of getting your business out there and recognised, and compared to organisations that charge to have an actual advert, for the £100 donation -you are quids in !! We also mention your support in our newsletter too.


If you are a local business, who like to support their community projects and would like to have make a donation and have a  FREE business recognition on our site , please contact Ken Wain on 0114 2 393852. He will be happy to have a chat with you regarding this .