South East Community Assembly Small Grants Award

We are delighted to advise you all that the Friends have been successful in securing a grant award of £2,000 from the above fund

This was requested by the group towards the cost of a large climbing frame , which if we are successful in raising sufficient funds be positioned between the climbing pyramid and the zip-wire. We have approached 3 other funders for assistance with the cost of this kit, and expect to find out shortly if we have been successful or not- we need to raise £14,500 to be able to afford this piece of equipment.Local children requested an additional larger climbing frame when we consulted with them through the Local Charnock Hall primary School.

The Friends would be contributing to the cost of this from funds that we have raised ourselves too.


Watch this space !! and don't forget if you wish to make a donation no matter how small , please get in touch- we really do appreciate every penny we receive- we do not get paid for doing this- we work voluntarily and so every penny goes on the park and the neccessaties to keep the group afloat- i.e. admin costs.


Thanks to the SE Community assembly for approving the grant request !