Fundraising for Climbing frame - goal £14,500.

The friends are trying to raise £14,500 for the larger climbing frame that our local children have asked for. So far we have applied for and been successful in raising £8,000, which leaves us with a shortfall of £6,500.

The Friends are able to make a donation from our funds towards the remainder but would very much appreciate any help at all towards this. If anyone would like to make a donation - no matter how small please get in touch, and if anyone has any idea's how we could raise some more money towards this please let us know your thoughts.

Donations so far -

South Community Assembly- £2,000 - thanks very much

Church Burgesses Trust- £2,000- thanks very much

J.G.Graves charitable trust- £1,000- thanks very much

Sheffield Town Trust- £3,000- thanks very much.