Grand Christmas Draw Results.

A list of our winning tickets and prices as drawn on 7th December 2011

Winning tickets all claimed


Prizes                                  Raffle ticket number                    Name of winner   


1st prize-

Luxury Hamper                           01515                                            Mrs P Smith 


2nd prize                                     00459                                            Mr T Taylor

Wine/Spirits hamper


3rd prize                                     01935                                             Mr I Herbert 

£50 decorating materials



4th prize                                     02235                                             Mr S Longden        

£30 hairdressing products


5th prize                                     02685                                             Mr G Marah 

Cutlers Spice £30 voucher

Restaurant ( Eat In, food only)


6th prize                                     01622                                             Mrs J Hague

Medium hamper


7th prize                                     00278                                             Mr P Brammer

£25 P&A Jewellery Voucher


8th prize                                    01065                                              Mr D Taylor 

Rapid Tan n Tone

Manicure &Pedicure


9th prize                                    02023                                              Ms C Buxton

Bay of Bengal, meal for 2


10th prize                                   00257                                                    B.Burns


Rapid tan n tone

2 week Flabelos voucher


11th prize                                  02101                                               Mrs M Anderson

The Swan, meal for 2.


12th prize                                 01259                                                Rebecca c/o Runaround (Redrawn as unwanted)

4x Woodseats drama

production tickets    Alterative       01774                                           Mark Helliwell


13th prize                                  01037                                                Ms H Thrush

2x panto tickets

Manor Operatics


14th prize                                 01204                                                 Mr V Robinson

Fresh Fruit Basket


15th prize                                 01241                                                   Mrs S Osbourne

£20 eat in- Chutney

Restaurant voucher


16th prize                                 01602                                                  Mrs M Thomas

Makeup Basket


17th prize                                 01556                                                  Mrs J Hague

Cygnet Cafe, 2x cream teas


18th prize                                 01963                                                  Dave c/o Chris H

John Lewis

Christmas Pandoro


19th prize                                 02250                                                   Ms A Jones

Cuddly knit Mr/Mrs Santa


20th prize                                 02812                                                   Ms M Chong

Cuddly cat/chocs


21st prize                                 00322                                                    Mr J Hague                              

Cuddly dog/chocs 


22nd prize                               01027                                                    Mr M Brooks

4x Runaround Play centre



23rd prize                                02434                                                    Ms R Iqbal

Cuddly Teddy


24th prize                                01420                                                     Mr.S.Moore

Tin of Roses chocs


25th prize                                01617                                                      Mr H Dickinson

Irish Meadows bottle


26th prize                                00605                                                      Mrs P Styles

Bottle wine  


27th prize                               00289                                                       Mr Maguire

Box of beer