Climbing frame installation

Installation of our new Climbing Frame is under way.

For those of you that have braved the weather and visited the park over the last few days , you will have seen that the climbing frame is being installed by the side of the zip-wire and climbing pyramid.

The weather has hampered the installation somewhat, but we are nearly there.

Thanks to all that donated monies towards the purchase of this equipment,

  • SE Community Assembly- £2,000
  • Sheffield Town Trust - £3,000
  • Church Burgesses Trust - £2,000
  • J.G.Graves Charitable Trust-£1,000
  • and the Friends of group put £6,500 to make up the shortfall from raised funds-

Total £14,500.

Without this incredible support- we simply would not be able to carry on improving facilities.

Thanks also to Sheffield City Councils parks department for their guidance on this and Stuarts team for the installation.

We are confident that the children will be delighted with this addition to the park and cannot wait to see them enjoying themselves.