Multi use games area (MUGA) consultation.

Throughout the months of May to July 2012, we have jointly as a group with Parks and Countryside carried out consultation regarding the proposal to put in a MUGA, if we get planning permission and are able to raise sufficient funding to do so.

After having spoke to local children / youths both at our park and others this was specifically requested  by them to allow them to have somewhere safe to play ball games/ sport, taking them off street corners and playing nr to peoples cars, windows etc.

The consultation has included speaking to and having a short questionnaire answered at our Lauch Day on the 5th May this year, hand delivering and giving out a total of 69 questionnaires posted through doors on Arnold Avenue that actually overlook the park, adults in the park and at the Library consultation morning on the 18th July 2012.

Members of the public attended, and the majority were happy with the proposals . We have also spoken with the local Police community support officer and after discussions it appears to be the view that MUGA's generally DECREASE anti social behaviour as it is giving children/youths something positive to do with their time, rather than just hanging around, bored with nothing to channel their energy into.  The combined results have shown a clear majority vote in favour of the proposals going ahead.

Now What ??

The next stage is to have a feasibility plan drawn up and to apply for planning permission. There will be a cost of over £5000 for the plan.

We made and application to the South East Community Assembly (SECA) for £2,000 towards the cost of this from the "You Choose " fund. This request was made via a short presentation by the Friends group at a meeting on the 12th October, where the public get to vote on the idea's they support.  There were 10 other groups also applying for funding, the total amount asked for between the 11 groups was in the region of £20,000, but the SECA was only able to give out £10,000 due to budgetry cuts from Central Goverment.

The public were asked to vote for 5 projects, unfortunately we were 3 votes short of receiving any funding!

So once again, if anyone out there can make a donation towards the funding of the feasibility study (no matter how small,) please get in touch. Thank you !