Green Flag Community Award

The Group do it again, winning the Award for the park for the third year running.

On Weds 6th November, at 10 am we met at the park to celebrate the fact that we have for the 3rd year running won the award .

We are very proud of this and are proud of the children and local community for helping us to keep the park to this standard, through respect for the new facilities provided.

We were officially handed the certificate and flag for the notice board by Councillor Denise Fox, who discussed its meaning and importance to children and teachers from Year 2 at Charnock Hall Primary School. Councillor Bryan Lodge also attended to give his support to the event .
The children were delightful to have around and were very well behaved as usual. They actively took part in the discussion around the Green Flag and the importance of respecting their park and the facilities.

Photos have been taken of the event and a press release is being sent to Sheffield Star. 
Further photos from the event can be viewed on our gallery.