For The Future


The group have carried out consultation exercises within the community, through the awareness days at the local library, questionnaires, and in school exercises with the children who will be using the new play equipment.

Information was collated and after meetings with Sheffield City Council -Parks and Countryside dept; the Friends group and an architect;the masterplan of the area was drawn up.


Current Status

The Masterplan for the park has now been completed and can be viewed on the links below.

view plan
Current State Plan

The plan of the park in it's current state

view plan

This is the vision for the future ( the plan will only be achieved with the success of grant-trust bids and donations from the general public and businesses.)

The group aims to complete phases of the plan as and when monies become available.

If you like what you see and would like to help us to achieve this vision, please feel free to make a donation, rest assured every penny will be spent on the regeneration of this green space.