Progress Timeline

Over the years since the group was formed we have achieved some great things, the timeline below gives a brief overview or our achievements and how they have helped with the ongoing improvements to the park.

  • Start of the Friends Group

    Run down and vandalised play equipment and safety surfaces, a very uninspiring, threatening and dangerous place to be, not only for children but also an environmental disaster.
    This gives a clear indication as to why the group was formed to completely regenerate the park including children’s play equipment, eco system and green space.

    damage play surface broken paving worn out playground old swings

  • Halloween party

    Our first money raising event was our Halloween party and disco at Charnock Hall School with Barney Baloney the children’s entertainer who gave his services free of charge to help with our fund raising activities, which enhanced our funds by £366.00 on the night.


  • Fundrasing day

    Tombola and fundraising day at Crystal Peaks,
    this event raised £323.80 for the play equipment fund.

    fund raising day fund raising day

  • First set of new swings

    Preparation and installation of our first set of new swings

    new swings installing new swings

  • Getting the Councillors involved

    Tracey Wilson and Lynne Wilcock hold a meeting with councillors Brian Lodge and Denise Fox to discuss aspects of fund raising for play equipment and safety surfaces in the park.

    councillers meeting Brian Lodge & Tracey Wilson

  • Fundraising fashion show

    Participants in our fundraising fashion show and sale at Gleadless Methodist Church Hall, this raised £405.00!

    fashion show fashion show

  • New notice board

    Our new notice board at the entrance to the recreation grounds, kindly provided by Sheffield City Council to allow us to advertise all our events and progress

    notice board

  • Bulb Planting

    Charnock Hall School children and toddlers from the Sunflower Childrens Centre, along with Sheffield City Council park rangers plant 1000 Daffodils at the entrance to the grounds

  • Park in bloom

    We can see the efforts of the bulb planting with some lovely colour. The children appreciate with some sense of achievement that it was something that they did themselves to make the park a nicer place.

    new bulbs growing new bulbs growing

  • Sheffield Environment Week

    Members of the group running a tombola stall in Sheffield city centre as part of the Sheffield Environment Week, this event raised £211.91

    tombola stall tombola stall

  • New swings

    Laying the surface beneath the new swings frame.


  • Springies!

    Two Springies were opened, proving to be an instant success with the children.

    springies springies in use

  • School Summer Holidays 2008

    South Yorkshire Community Police Officer Daniel, drops in and lends his support durring one of our sports innitiative days provided by Sheffield City Council during the holidays.

    sports innitiative days sports innitiative days sports innitiative days sports innitiative days sports innitiative days

  • New Ability Roundabout

    The new Ability Roundabout is installed and is adapted for use by our disabled users, it incorporates two seats and two secure wheelchair bays.
    We also have 2 new Picnic Tables, and a waste bin. Goal posts are erected and the lads arrive to take advantage and have a game of football.

    new picnic tables new roundabout picnic tables football new roundabout

  • Drainage dyke clearout

    ROK International building company, used their heavy equipment with a team of volunteers, along with a team from our own group and cleaned out the drainage dyke along the length of the green space which drains the football pitch and green space area.
    We had a great time and saved approximately £9000, while carrying out an important part in our plan to conserve the environment and local eco system.


    before before before

  • Climbing Frame Revamp

    The existing climbing frame is revamped with the addition of a metal climbing net.

     new climbing net new climbing net

  • Bulbs in bloom

    The children see the rewards from their hard work back in November when they helped The Friends and local Park Rangers plant over 3000 Daffodil and Crocus bulbs.

    new bulbs showing Daffodils

  • New Dizzy Sticks

    Following the very generous donation of £2,000 from J.G.Graves Charitable Trust, the children were delighted with the purchase of two Dizzy Sticks.
    The children had specifically requested these pieces of equipment excited at the prospect of something that went round and round and made them feel sick!!

    dizzy sticks dizzy sticks in use

  • Climbing Pyramid Installation

    Sheffield Town Trust made the local kid's dreams of a Climbing Pyramid in the park come true with a fantastic donation of £10,000 for the purchase of this extremely popular piece of equipment.
    This was installed and ready for use early June and has seen the popularity of the park soar.


  • Repositioning the perimeter fence

    Sheffield fencing company AMK FENCE-IN Ltd start work on repositioningthe perimeter fence to the play area to make space for the installation of the Zip Wire, Stand On See-Saw and swings for the older children, which is so kindly being funded by Viridor Credits.

    fence installation fence installation

  • New play equipment installed

    Installation of the Zip Wire, Lion Springster and a new Swings.
    All purchased with a donation from Viridor Cedits.

    zip wire install zip wire install

  • New wooden play equipment

    Installation of new play equipment, consisting of a willow tunnel walkway, a balancing beam, balancing bridge and wooden climbing frame with safety net.

    Willow Tunnel wooden play equipment

  • The new Basket Swing

    Installation of basket swing.
    It is the latest addition to the park and is suitable for children with disabilities, should a child wish to swing but need to lay down to do so this is ideal for them.

    Basket Swing

  • New park seating

    Following successfully securing funding from the "You Choose fund" for additional benches/ picnic tables, these have now been installed and are being very well used.

    new benches

  • Admin funding

    South Yorkshire Community Foundation, Sheffield (GRASSROOTS funding) - Successfully secured a grant of £1,365! This is to help with admin and volunteer costs.

  • Stage one of Lottery Bid

    Advised that our application has passed the 1st stage of the Community Spaces lottery bid.

  • Our 1st Newsletter

    First professional newsletter published.
    The printing was made possible by the funding that we obtained from South Yorkshire Community Foundation- Grassroots fund

  • Family Fun Night

    Family fun night - Raised £300 for park funds, great night had by all !

  • Youth Choose Fund

    Youth Choose Fund - Won £1180 after the public voted to support the groups request for money towards additional picnic benches and tables.

  • National Lottery- Community Spaces fund

    We have secured a grant of £49,999 from the National Lottery- Community Spaces fund, delivered by Groundworks UK, to pay for a fitness circuit , and 8 pieces of gym equipment.

  • Green Flag Community award

    We won the Green Flag Community award!
    Mini celebration held at park with local councillors, local press and Chrildren from Charnock Hall primary school.

    green flag winners

  • Fundrasing for Climbing Frame

    Fund-raising for children's large climb frame begun we need £14,500

  • Outdoor gym equipment installed

    Work begins to install the fitness circuit and outdoor gym equipment.

    Installation of Gym Equipment

  • Wildflower Planting

    We joined the Rangers and around 60 Year 3 Charnock Hall Primary School pupils, to help seed an area of land with wildflowers.

  • Tree Planting Days

    One held with local children from Charnock Hall Primary and another volunteers day.

    tree planting

  • New Benches Added

    5 new benches funded by the lottery grant are installed.

    New Wooden Benches

  • Our New Climbing Frame

    The new climbing frame is installed at the park- the kids absolutely love it !

    New Climbing Frame

  • Park Launch Day

    Park Launch day to celebrate the install of the fitness circuit and the gym equipment, officially opened by Richard Caborn and Johnnie Nelson!

    Our Launch Our Lanch Event Our launch day

  • Public Consultation For MUGA

    Public consultation carried out for the proposal for a Multi-use games area- majority vote in favour of this - need to raise £5,600 for feasibility studies, land survey etc.

  • 2nd Year Green Flag Winners!

    Won the Green Flag community award for the 2nd year running, very proud indeed!

    Green Flag 2012

  • Planet 21 Tree Planting

    Staff from Sheffield Mercure St Pauls Hotel, along with 27 children, teachers and parents from Charnock Primary School to helped to plant 21 trees.
    This was part of the hotel's Planet 21 Project.