Get involved and help out!

The " Friends" would really welcome any volunteers who would like to become involved in the group. To bring about the planned changes to the park and the green space, it will take time and effort, and if we have more people on board to assist with the tasks in hand, the changes will be acheived much quicker, for the benefit of the local community.

Please do not be put off by thinking that we expect lots of your time, if everyone gave a little time this would really help us out, it may be taking out some leaflets or newsletters in to the community, helping to organise an event, gardening in the environmental area, serving refreshments, helping on tombola stalls, to name but a few.
It could be you have some good idea's on how we can arrange an event, what would you like to see ?

We are a friendly bunch and have some good times running the group, we'd love to hear from you - come on don't be shy - BEE PART OF YOUR COMMUNITY !! Come on lets smarten up this area and bring some pride to our park and green space !

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Becoming a member is free, simply download our membership form below.

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Together we can acheive the dream.

Please call
Tracey on 0114 265 6784 
Lynne on 0114 265 3384